Make an Impact with Real Estate Photo Books

How many times have you gone on a listing appointment and thought to yourself…wow, I just nailed this presentation, then come to find out the sellers decided to hire another agent to list their home? Acquiring a listing in today’s competitive market can sometimes be a daunting task. Sellers are much more informed than they have ever been in the past and the expectations are high. They expect each agent they interview to win their business by offering a unique combination of real estate marketing services tailored to the specifications of their home. Real estate photo books are an excellent option to include in your listing presentations to showcase the high level of professional service you offer to your clients.

photography service

Real estate photo books are a great supplemental tool to not only distinguish yourself on a listing presentation but also to appeal to the personal, inmate side of the home buying and selling process. Photo books serve as an amazing gift and keepsake for the homeowner to remember all the memories that were made and shared in their home. On the contrary, if you are working as a buyers agent for a client, photo books also double as a perfect gift for the new homeowners. This is a gift that is bound to blow your client away and will look outstanding in their new living room or displayed on their new coffee table.

Fly4pix is now offering a photo book service for their real estate clientele who may be interested in purchasing this product for an upcoming listing presentation or as a gift for a current or past client. With the holiday season upon us, what better what to show your clients how much you have appreciated their business than with a momentum that shows home is truly where the heart is. For availability and pricing details contact us today! 

From Our Clients:

Listening to sellers talk about how great the listing pictures are… the sellers are very pleased!