Commercial Real Estate – How professional photography can increase your sales!

It’s All About the Numbers

In commercial real estate, it’s a numbers game. The more people that look at your listing, the sooner you will sell or lease it. The more sales you close, the better you can market yourself to get more listings.

Then there’s that other number, the number of hours a day you can, or wish to work. How many of those hours do you want to spend driving around, showing properties? Wouldn’t it be better if the prospective buyer / lessee had narrowed it down to their top one or two choices?

“A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words”

We all know the saying, but why is it so true?

  • A picture can show the general condition of the property. Some prospects are willing to spend time and/or money to make improvements, whereas others want it move-in ready.
  • A picture can answer questions we might not even think to ask. It will show a feature that could excite a prospect or cause them to cross the property off their list (this is not a bad thing; it simply moves them closer to finding the right property, and you didn’t have to drive over there).
  • Pictures also give a reference point. Imagine your prospect has narrowed it down to two choices, and has visited both in person, but still hasn’t decided. After seeing several places, it can be hard to remember which one had which features. Being able to look back at pictures from the comfort of their office or the coffee shop can be instrumental in helping them move forward.

Not all photos are equal.

Sure, you could have your assistant go snap some pictures with their iPhone, but will they really present the property in its best light?  A professional photographer with experience in real estate photography should know:

  • How to capture both interior and exterior pictures with proper lighting
  • What images are important to your potential clients
  • How to convey what is unique about the property
  • How to provide you with the images in the proper format, resolution and size for both CIMLS listing and for other marketing purposes.

If you’d like to learn more about how professional real estate photography can help increase your online property views, save you time and create added value to your listings, contact us today at (910)392-7566 or [email protected].

Which one of these photos would you want for your listing?

Bad Real Estate PhotographyReal Estate Photography


From Our Clients:

You have indeed helped us solve a problem. The narrative is now specific to the unique features of our property and you were willing to take night pictures which are beautiful.